Sunday, 4 May 2008

Morning. Zzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick post to say Hi before I hit the road ready for race number 5 in the last 22 days. It's 5:30am on the morning after the night before and I'm tired. I'm sure I need more than 4 hrs in bed on a Saturday night. Ever wake up on a race morning yust thiking "Why???", that's me today.

Quick training update. This will be nice and easy because I've done nothing all week except for one swim session on Friday night. Why?!!! Well at some time last weekend I gave my hamstring a bit of a tug and it's been playing up a bit all week. I don't think that it's anything to major but with todays race looming on the horizon and the weeks awful weather it's seemed an appropriate reason to have a bit of time off. The timing hasn't been great though because I was planning on May 1st being the big kick off to my IM Florida training, looks as though that will have to wait until tomorrow I guess.

Anyway, I'm finishing off this mad few weeks of racing in the same way that I started, with an off road Marathon. Hopefully this one will be better marked and I won't get lost causing a DNF, actually as this one's a point to point race getting lost could cause a whole heap of problems.

More on my next post when my race report will be telling of a joyous (fingers crossed) end to my racing fit, talking about how my quad gave me no problems at all (hmmmmm) and how I'm now looking forward to the Ironman build................. that's until 2 weeks time of course when I've a half IM to do with no bike training at all. Ah joy.

Right, I'm off now. I need to be at Stonehenge by 8am.

Goodnight Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!


IronTriTim said...

Hope the race went ok.. Yep I know those early starts, normally hate the early starts due to work more than the early starts due to racing.

Jetpack said...

Check out Ian podcast of him running in the Marathon.



Way to go man. Thanks for the audio. Cool man.