Saturday, 21 February 2009

Season Opener

Well the Tri season is on the horizon. How do I know? Because tomorrow I have my first multisport race of the year, the Taunton Aquathlon, a 1000m/10k swim/run event.
Tomorrows race is also a first for another reason.......... It's my first race in the 40+ category, my first race as a Vet. Only 2 months after my 39th birthday and I'm racing as a flaming 40 year old. Talk about feeling old before your time.
In 2007 I actually won the race, last year I dropped to 3rd, tomorrow.............. who knows?
Last year I blew a gasket on the run after charging out of the pool chasing the eventual winner who'd a one minute lead on me exiting the pool, my excuse being that the day before I'd run a maximal effort treadmill 10k at Exeter University. This year though my training hasn't really got going and although my swimming is always of a similar pace my running is well short of the norm. Hopefully though I'll still be aiming for a quicker time than last years 55:58 so long as I pace myself sensibly.
This week I finally seem to have found some reason to cycle with rides of 75miles, 50miles and todays 30miler doubling my total for the year so far. My swimming is the same as ever with my single weekly squad session, although I feel as though I'm swimming more powerfully of late, so long as I don't get carried away in the early stages I can come on really strong at the end of a long TT. Running is a bit hit and miss with Rosie accompanying me on most of my runs I'm far too prone to hitting 3-4 consecutive days and the having 3-4 consecutive days off. I'm sure that's not the way it works.
Work has been all over the place lately. One week I do almost 70hrs and the next week I struggle to hit 40. I'm sure the lack of a structured week is helping to mess with my training.

Oh well. There's not a great deal to say so I'll leave it there. I'll try to be back tomorrow with an old mans race report. Until then.....................

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