Saturday, 11 July 2009

Oooops, it's been nearly a month.

I've been really slack on the blog this year, but hopefully I'll get to pick it up a bit with IM Florida now less than 4 months away. I'm on top of the 'supposed' vital last 16 weeks and still I haven't really got my backside into gear. Still, I've been ticking along and even though my idea of ticking along involves far too many days off it's still doesn't exactly mean I've turned into Mr Couch Potato although the internet does take up far too much time - damn you Twitter!!

So what have I been up to since the last post? Well I'm not shy and secretive about my training, I'm happy to admit that it's as random as it can be. It's also published in full on the internet, so if you'd like to peruse, laugh at (or even advise) about what I'm up to in the run up and what I have been up to previously then just take a look by clicking here.

The bad/lazy news is that in the 25 days since my last post I've done absolutely nothing on 10 of them and I'm sittng typing this on a miserable Saturday morning when I should really be out on the bike, but the weather is sooooo YUK!!

The good news is that I've finally got my backside onto my bike. It's been no great shakes and it was almost 2 weeks after Burnham Tri before I sat in the saddle again, but I've managed to sneak another 80miler, 4 x 50 milers and a couple of 20's in which is a massive improvement on the cycling I'd been doing before. I've also got the Two Moors 100mile Sportive coming up next weekend which will be my first ever Sportive. The event HQ is only 4miles from home and the course doesn't look too challenging so it should be a fun day out and a good time to crack my first century of the year. There will be no taper for it though, it's purely for training and if I end up bimbling around with some friends then so be it. Time in the saddle is what I'm after.

The swimming is the same as ever, it pretty much just bimbles along in it's own little world, although I did actually possibly swim a pb of 13:20 for 1000m last night (I'm not sure if it's a pb ot not) which meant I held 1:20/100m pace, I can't complain about that. There was also a nice change in the swim program when 5 of us from my Tri Club went down to Burgh Island to help film a new 'Wild Swimming' TV program with Robson_Green. Hardly the biggest training session and coming with it's own selection of problems (mainly getting home less than 4hrs before I had to get up for a 15hr shift at work) it was still a good fun day and 3 of us managed to get in a solid TT paced lap of the Island in (21:30) with the local head lifeguard leading us on a paddle board (thanks Liam).

Running like swimming has pretty much been ticking over. Most runs have been comfortably holding themselves below 7min/mile pace although there has been the odd disaster like attempting to do 14miles while fresh using the Galloway Run/Walk method. The plan worked like a dream at Marazion when my legs were trashed but running fresh meant that the first 5 miles were still all under 7mins and I walked the first minute of every one. It was more Interval session than steady paced effort and I suffered as a consequence.

The only race has been the North Devon Tri Beach Aquathlon which for me is more about having a bit of fun and doing my bit to help out than actually racing. The race was made interesting when some numbnuts turned half of the signs around. As I'd put the run course out I simply stopped to fix the problem signs as I ran the first lap, luckily there weren't many people ahead of me and those that were only ended up taking a slight diversion, so all was well.

So that's about it really. Update complete. There's nothing more to say really. Hope I haven't wasted too much of your life.

Oooooh, nearly forgot. It's IRONMAN season. I spent last weekend shouting at my computer as a bunch of folks I know raced IM Austria, at the same time I was also watching the drama unfold at IM Germany. Most of them did fantastically well (Rich you're a pussy). This weekend I'll be mostly shouting at my computer as Chrissie Wellington smacks Roth and the egotistical tosspot that is Kit Stokes (he's ok really) FINALLY BREAKS 9HRS at IM Switzerland. Come on man!!!! I'm sure I should be training instead but we'll call it inspiration ;-)

Laters all

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