Friday, 23 November 2007

Scary times ahead....

I'VE JOINED A GYM!!!!!!!!! What on earth is going on? I don't do gym's infact I positively hate loath and detest gyms, so why on gods earth have I joined one?

Well firstly it's (hopefully) the right gym at the right price. The owner is the physio that I see whenever I wreck my back, he knows what I do and what I'm aiming for, he knows that me core/back are my weak areas and that I need to strengthen them. With that in mind he's fixed me up with a one off program for 6 months. As he knows me he will be the first person to shout at me if I start slacking or if he thinks I'm taking it to easy.
It started on Monday with a full fitness test (apparently my blood pressure is a bit high, that will be checked again soon) and the compulsary idiots guide to the machines. The plan is to try and get in there most Saturdays and Mondays with the occasional Sunday or Wednesday thrown in. This won't start well though as I'm away this weekend and Shells Mom is down here next week so Monday may have to fall by the wayside, plenty of time though I suppose.

Training has been a bit hit and miss this week, I'm still feeling lazy and it is far too easy to miss planned sessions.
Monday was mostly taken up with my gym induction followed by a play around on the machines, I managed to take Rosie out for a 5k run in the evening though which was nice.
Tuesday I was Mr Slacko. I didn't end up where I hoped to when I was at work and that was all the reason I needed not to do anything.
Wednesday I took Rosie and a training pal of mine for a 30min moonlight run along the beach. I could really have done with it being longer but chances are that I'd have opted out of it had I been alone so I can't complain.
Thursday I ran with one of my Running Clubs. Over time Thursday will become my long run night, but this week I just felt rotten so opted out of the early session (which adds 5-6 mile to the club run) and just did a steady 7miles with some of my clubmates instead.
Tonight I've been for my weekly squad swim session. An odd night where my arms seemed to have several periods where they felt totally drained, only for them to come back feeling as strong as ever after 150-200m. Very strange!!!
Tomorrow morning (actually in 5h30m time) I'll be heading up to the Midlands to visit the folks. The plan is to get a decent run in while I'm up there before Sunday where I'll be having some fun at the Burntwood Aquathlon. 400m of pool swimming followed by a 5k off road run. Great fun for the end of the year ;)

That'll do for now, my bed is calling me.

Until next week when I'll hit you with my first race report. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



Shell said...

Good for you on the gym front,although it does seem strange hearing you state you have joined a gym.
I shall be following your progress and nagging/encouraging at appropriate intervals


IronTriTim said...

Core work is my goal too for this year. Good luck with the gym. Continuing to enjoy following your progress and reading about a North Devon triathlete. Are there many of them?