Saturday, 1 December 2007

Race Report and other bits

Right, lets get down to it......

Last Saturday was Burntwood Aquathlon, a small event consisting of a 400m pool swim and a 5k run made up of 5x1k laps around a schools playing fields. I got over to the race an hour before the start, registered and set about chatting with some old pals. I was pre-warned that there were some smokey fast swimmers there and I was going to have to be on form if I was going to do any good - oh dear!!!
The race was straight forward enough, we all set off at minute intervals so you had no way of knowing how the competition was getting on. As I waited for my start I saw 2 lads exit the water in under 5mins, that's moving some! Soon I was away and as I counted down the 16 lengths I started thinking towards the run, I'm well off my best shape and running a hard 5k was going to be very tough going. Out of the water in 5:27 I popped my trainers and number belt on and headed out for a small run :). I never felt that I was running fast but I was passing people so I must have been going alright. Other than dropping my band at the end of the first lap (and having to go back for it) the run was also uneventful, just the way I like it. 5 laps later and it was all over, a quick shower and it was just a case of waiting for the results.
Finally the presentation started and I'd been beaten by some little scrote that's half my age (grrrrr!!!), ah well I'd clocked 17:36 for the run so the time wasn't too bad, it would have won me last years race. What's next?????

The rest of the week has mostly been spent running but has also included (on Monday) my first proper gym session for years. Damn those crunches and all that core stuff made my stomach ache for days, I suppose it's good for me though.

This weeks totals

Monday - 50min run with the pup, 1h20m gym session
Tuesday - 50min run
Wednesday - 60min beach run with the pup and a training pal
Thursday - 60min run with another training pal
Friday - 60min squad swim session.

Tomorrow I've got a VO2 test, that should prove interesting. No idea what I'll do once I've got my hands on all the figures but I'm sure I can find someone somewhere who can understand all this rubbish. I've a nasty feeling that it's going to hurt though...... With that in mind I'd better go get some recovery sleep.

Ciao for now ;)

Replys to comments.

Shell - Hello Sis ;)

Tim - We're only a small bunch of 20 or so. Have a browse around on here :).


Shell said...

About time you updated this. I've been stalking it all week :)
Good luck with the Vo2 thingy. Have no idea what it is or what it entails so I look forward to reading about it.
Keep up the core stuff, youknow it's good you.


IronTriTim said...

Nice job on the race, will have to check the website out...ND has its own tri club and they have their own kit! Though I did expect you to be racing in wellies from mole valley farmers. If ever I come back to the UK will have to look you guys up. Parents still in North Devon.