Monday, 3 December 2007

Parties and Testing

Well it looks like things may 'finally' be picking up, or it could just be another false start. Here's a few stats to make it look good. I've trained at something for 8 days solid, it's been the first time I've trained Monday to Sunday without a day off for 18months. The volume isn't huge (9hrs) but I've still put in my biggest week since August. I've already done more cycling in December than I did in November, that's not really saying much though.
On Saturday morning I headed down to Exeter University to take part in one of their studies, the first part of this was a VO2 max test on the bike. I wasn't confident that this would go well because my cycling has been so slack of late and I've this annoying cough that's been around for 8 years which I thought may screw up the session (yes I've seen the Doctor about the cough but he's not interested). I haven't had the full results through yet, but I pushed a rather pitiful 300 watts and managed a VO2 max of 61. No idea what all that means but one of my clubmates pushed 460+ watts so I know that I'm well down there. I'm off for part 2 of the tests on the 10th and I'll take the camera for some pretty pics :) .
On Saturday afternoon/evening I took Rosie for a 7mile run along the beach, great fun with soft sand and howling winds. I pushed the pace at the end hoping to dip under 50mins but it wasn't to be. Saturday night was out clubs End of Season/Christmas/Presentation night. Not being the biggest drinker in the world I was on driving duties, that doesn't stop me being a menace though, and it's good fun watching things unfold as others got totally hammered and make fools of themselves :) . No prizes for me though, I must be rubbish ;( .
Sunday morning was spent in a post party (sober) haze before a couple of my clubmates popped round with their bikes and trainers, then we headed up to my part completed dungeon for a bit of a turbo beasting session which was followed by a 6mile run on the beach with the dog who was loving her new daily sand and sea fix.
Today I'm wrecked, but determined to keep the flow going. There's always a strong chance that Tuesday will become a wasted/rest day so I need to keep motivated on a Monday, I daren't speak my plans though because I may yet wimp out. That'll do for now I guess. TTFN :)

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