Monday, 17 December 2007

Damn it's cold

Two days off, one pitiful training attempt and a large dollop of alcohol made last week a bit slack. After missing Wednesdays session Thursday was supposed to be a biggie, it wasn't though. When I was supposed to be going out for the first section of my run it was -4 degrees C and I was going nowhere. Finally I dragged myself out to have a gentle run upto the clubhouse where the Striders were having their Christmas fun relay night. Four in a team drawn at random completing a lap each of the 1.5mile course, then all four completing the final loop together. I went off 2nd with the plan being that I'd then run the following laps alongside my team mates. 8m40s after heading out on my run leg I was back in the clubhouse nursing hands that felt as though they were made of ice cubes and coughing my lungs up like an 80 year old chain smoker. No suprise then that I sat out laps 3 & 4 and joined my team mates for the final group lap sporting not one but two jackets. Relay over (we crossed the line alongside another team in joint 2nd place) it was time for a good feed where the running club folks once again did themselves proud.
Friday was hardly a big training day in the life of a triathlete who's (supposedly) aiming for bigger things in 2008. To lazy to run, still no cycling going on, just a Squad swim session which is the sort of thing I'd like to class as 'active rest'.
Saturday was my birthday (damn I'm getting on a bit now!!) and it started in determined fashion when I headed off to the gym for a solid 2hrs. It didn't get much further though as the rest of the day was spent slobbing around and eating chocolates until the evening when the eating turned to drinking and my favourite poison turned me into a bit of a wreck.
Sunday morning I was supposed to be swimming, but I was still in a drink fuelled sleep when the session started, so that was out of the window. After the failed swim was supposed to be a bike ride but in truth I was still drunk and knew it would be one of my dafter decisions so I knocked that on the head to. Then I lazed about, walked the dog and lazed about some more............. another day with no training then!!!!!
Another 2hr gym session this morning (people will think I'm beginning to like it) followed by a nice steady run home (3.8miles) which I somehow managed to complete at sub 6:30 min/mile pace. That's it for now, but there's supposed to be more training lined up for later today.................. we'll see!!!!


IronTriTim said...

Its christmas and your birthday, relax, after christmas its all work :-)

Shell said...

I have managed 2 runs this week.........what the hell is happening there then?????