Friday, 7 December 2007

Krazy Kristmas Kaper Taper

It's almost time for the biggest race of the year (hmmmm). My Tri Clubs 600m/5k Aquathlon. Quite possibly the fastest bunch of athletes that the country ever sees at a race that means nothing.

How do I know it's fast??


At almost any Aquathlon in the UK I'll finish in the prizes. Here I'll be lucky to crack the top 10.
Whoooooaaaaa!!! Hold on a minute, I'm not claiming to be an, Elite boy but Aquathlons are really just a bit of off season fun and I'm quite a handy swimmer/runner. Sure there's always the chance that somebody quick will turn up and put me in my place, but as a rule there will only be the occasional quick boy, here though there are always some very promising young athletes around who relish the chance to put some of us oldies in our place. So far around 20% of the field have an estimated swim time of 8mins or less for 600m, that's quick!!! No doubt for a lot of competitors though transition will be slowed as they put on their less than aero run gear (as shown by the pics from last years race that I've inserted :) ).

So, enough about the years big race..... What's been happening this week?

On Monday I hit the gym for a solid 2hrs of weights and things. I've no idea what's going on there, I just do as I'm told (a bit like at home). But it was 2 packed hours and I hurt a lot less than after last weeks session.

Tuesday was a well deserved rest day

On Wednesday I hit the turbo for an hour of hard Coach Troy spinning which left me with sore cheeks (not the ones on my face either), then I grabbed the pup and headed out for a 30min run along the Tarka Trail with tired legs.

Thursday was a nice looong run. Nice and steady on the HRM, I only averaged 133BPM and probably covered around 14miles in my 1h42m of running. The distance wasn't the objective though, just the time.

Tonight I've been for a squad swim. I've been a bit off lately and tonight was no difference. I've no idea why but I seem to be working a lot harder than normal to hit relatively easy targets. Maybe it's just down to the winter???? Maybe I'm just getting old???

RIGHT, it's 1am and I need my beauty sleep ;)

Night all.


Shell said...

I see you saved the best piccy till last. ;)
Perhaps you should explain to people that that ISN'T you......


IronTriTim said...

Are you running in theme costume? Good luck, sounds like there are some fast people.