Sunday, 6 April 2008

Who's the April Fool? That'll be me then.

So I've supposedly got 1 month to make a fool of myself before knuckling down to some proper Ironman style training. How can I manage that? My next few weekends have a good chance of doing that for me.

This weekend I did the first of my heat chamber cycle tests at Exeter University. To keep it short I sat on a bike at 187 watts for 45min, then 197 watts for 45mins all in a big oven at 90F while giving numerous samples of various bodily fluids.
Next weekend I've entered this little baby on Saturday which is followed on Sunday by a 100m/10k Aquathlon at Burnham on Sea. That should tire me out a little.
The following weekend my planned bfitday Tri has been postponed because I've got to return to the heat chamber at Exeter on Saturday for another 90mins of face melting cycling and dehydration. Sunday however is still my clubs evil In-Club Triathlon.
I'm now planning my double bfitday Tri's over the weekend of 26th & 27th. One of them will be 8 days late and the other will be 5 days late (unless I double up on the Saturday), but they'll be a good end to the month and good prep for the start of my IM training proper. I've then got just 3 weeks to make sure I'm in shape for my 1/2 IM in Cornwall, although this will mostly be a 'training' race, unless one of my clubmates passes me of course :).
That's about it really, I'm to tired tonight to troll through my training diary and write down what I've done, but that only bores folks to tears anyway.
Roll on next weekend, looks like business is about to pick up.


Shell said...

About time you picked it up.

IronTriTim said...

And going to Exeter and trying to kill yourself is not classed as serious training?