Monday, 31 March 2008

7 months and counting

Well we're at the end of March and I've only got one more month of misbehaving (yeah right) before I have to shape up and get myself into gear.

March has been an odd old month. It started with lots of short sessions and took me until yesterday (30th) to finally crack the 1hr/day average that is my minimum target for any month this year. It also took until last Monday (24th) for me to do any cycling, my first time in the saddle since dragging my pal out for his Birthday Tri on 17th Feb.

So, onto this last week and what has happened to rescue the month from its impending disaster.

After only managing 2hrs of running between the 17th and 22nd my recovery started last Sunday when I joined my Tri Club for an easy hour of swimming and then took one of my clubmates for an (equally easy) hour of running.
On Monday I got dragged out on my bike (it wasn't my idea) for 2h30m/42miles. A rare break in the weather meant that I could take my road bike to make things a bit easier, rather than smashing myself silly on my old hybrid bike.
Tuesday I managed 10.25miles of running at various paces in 1h12m. The first 4.25 miles I ran alone working my way to the Running Club and the last 6 miles was a group run with a hard effort of almost 2miles thrown in for good measure.
Wednesday I slipped back into lazy mode and scrapped all thoughts of training.
On Thursday I made good of the extra light we're now getting of an evening (even more now that the clocks have changed) and ran for 7miles along the River Thames before running another 7.5miles with some of the running club.
Friday was lazy, but I can always cover that with my weekly squad swim session which this week included a 400m/200m/100m/50m Timetrial set while wearing a tee shirt.
On Saturday we had a group gathering to recce the course for our very unofficial In Club Triathlon. It's a tough old beast and involves hills, hills, hills and more hills, so we thought it only fair to introduce some of the newer members to its pleasures before race day. I tacked on a bit extra and actually ended up putting in a 2h30m Duathlon.
Yesterday I dragged myself out for my 3rd bike ride of the week and followed it up with an hour in the gym after which I felt thoroughly trashed, then today I started with a 90min gym session, a 30min run, then later this afternoon I'm off to Exeter University to test my legs and lungs out on the bike for a VO2 max test (that should be fun - not!!!)

So that's it really. March is done and dusted, IMFl is 7 months away which sounds like ages until you realise that it's 5 months since I entered. Doesn't time fly - gulp!!!!

Until next time.


IronTriTim said...

The clock is ticking, bring on the proper training. Where is the NDTC tri race?

Iain said...

Aha, I forgot about your local knowledge :).

The swim's at Ilfracombe pool.

Do url's work on a comment? Only one way to find out I guess.

The Bike and run courses are at the top of my Motionbased page, here