Saturday, 1 March 2008

Slack end to February.

Well February finished at a bit of a canter, or a limp to be more precise. With several smaller sessions that were a lot more intense than normal my legs complained, a lot!
On Tuesday I managed 55mins with my bunch of Essex runners. Part of the session involved sprinting hard uphill (10 times) for 10secs and then running backwards down to the start line again. I'm not sure if this was the session that smashed my legs up or if it was a combination of the previous 3-4 days but boy have my legs suffered for the rest of the week. I managed to turn the tops of my calf muscles (on both legs) into mush. I was struggling to even walk around on Wednesday so I gave training a very wide berth, on Thursday I thought I'd give it a go though and went running around Marlow for an hour with two of the lads from the club there. The pace was nice and steady for me but I had to let them get away on the descents as my legs just couldn't run downhill at all.
On Friday I was contemplating postponing my planned return to Exeter Uni for their treadmill test session but things were easing slightly and my Squad swim session on Friday night seemed to ease things further so I thought I may as well give it a go.
Todays treadmill session was every bit as painful as last weekends, not knowing anything about pace/distance/time is torture in itself. Luckily my calves behaved and I got through the 10k in 37:20. Shelly was there with me this time so there's proper video footage. Once I've trolled through it to see how bad it is I'll stick a clip up on youtube and link it to here.
This time next week I'll be resting up ready for The Grizzly, then after that it's bike, bike and more bike. Honest!!!!!!! ;-)

Right, I've got to scour the internet looking for a new car. Until next time Ceeeee Ya


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