Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Ahhh crap.

I think I'm losing it.

I still can't get my head around training, the weather here just sucks. How can it be that after only 12 days of what's possibly the most important training month I've already had 5 days off.
Sure it's not all bad and when I do train it's not going to bad, it's just the ease at which a planned training session disappears into nothing. Yesterday was a perfect example......
I had a poor weekend of training and then wimped out of doing anything on Monday so the pressure was on for me to do somethnig productive. I had the plan in my head to finish work, leave my car there and go out for a run. After 90mins of running I'd call in at home to collect the pup and then I'd run with her back to work where I'd collect the car. 1:45-2hr run sorted!
So what happened?
I was about to leave work and I changed my mind..... I'll go home, pick up the dog and go run over the Burrows. Then I got home and changed my mind again...... I'll do some quick bits, eat some food and then go on my Turbo trainer for an hour. Then I had some food and changed my mind...... It's to late to train, I'll just sit in front of the TV instead.
On the upside I'm taking my bike in for a service today and I'm in discussions with my LBS about a new steed. If the deal is half as good as initial chat then I'll be a very happy bunny.
I've also booked a week off work in September to train, train and train some more. The current thinking (subject to my ever changing plans of course) is to go visit the folks and run Wolverhampton Marathon on the 7th, then spend a week running after work EVERY DAY. The following week I'll have off work and it'll be bike, bike, bike all the way. I'm just panicking now that I'll have time off, the weather will be as bad as it is now and I'll end up wasting the week. I'm so desperate that I'm even looking into the possibilities of sodding off abroad to train where there is some sunshine - that's very unlikely to happen though, especially if I spend all my money on a new bike.

Right, time for work.
Emma Pooley is currently leading the Womens Olympic Time Trial and I've got to miss the end of it :-( Good Luck Girl!!!

Until next time.

Laters :-)


IronTriTim said...

Silver for Emma, what a great result!

Sorry to hear the training is not going well. New steed before Florida or post?
Would that be Braunton Burrows? Ah the memories. :-)

My training has been going ok, though the purchase of a Wii has derailed a few training sessions. Though its a great shoulder workout!

You'd be welcome to train here in Chicago in the sun, humidity is low (a rarity though as normally muggy) and temps are a sunny 30degs. Great training weather though all my biking is currently indoors, while baby watching!

Iain said...

Were it not for my severe baby allergy I'd be over there before you got a chance to retract that offer ;-)

Mark said...