Saturday, 16 August 2008

New Toys

I'm beginning to feel like a scratched record, but yep........ it's still raining and yep....... my training is still all over the place!!!
After my last post the training picked up a little on the running front at least. I took the pup out for 15miles on Wednesday night, ran a slippery and slidy 6.3miles (53mins) up and down Brent Knoll (pic below) and Thursday, then last night I took the pup out for 7.1miles (50mins) of Beach and Burrows before my squad swim session. At the swim session I was next to useless but hopefully I'd just run myself out of energy.

Today I was back to my lazy arsed best though as I sat down and watched the Olympics this morning while the weather was fine, rather than go out training. Then this afternoon once the heavens had opened I popped out to my LBS and ended up buying myself a new bike, that's ended any plans that Shelly had for a new bathroom!!
So now it seems that I'm the owner of a Quintana Roo Seduza (pic below). In truth it's overdue as my old TREK's had a tough life and the frame bares some scary scars which I'm sure my bike shop would give me hell about if I hadn't covered them up with stickers. It's going in for a service on Wednesday (when I pic the Seduza up) and it's having new chainrings, chain, cassettes, brakes etc and the ZIPPs need new bearings and 10speed cassette (for the new bike), that'll hopefully be the end of my spending for a while .............. forgot I need new helmet, shoes, trainers, wetsuit - the list seems endless at the moment.

So for the rest of the weekend I need to knuckle down and train hard. Up early and out on the bike for 4hrs followed by a 1hr run is the plan. How that'll work when I'm planning on watching Paula Radcliffe in the Womens Marathon at the Olympics I've no idea, it doesn't start until 00:30am.

Holy Cow!!!

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