Monday, 8 December 2008

Kristmas Kaper

Well I'm not training, but that doesn't stop me racing now does it.

Did I say racing? Well, you know what I mean.
This weekend was our Tri Clubs Christmas Swim/Run event organised by t'other half Shelly. After spending most of Saturday listening to her swearing as she cooked hundreds of mince pies for the competitors and wondered around making sure everything was ship shape it was a relief to actually reach Sunday.
The race had a rolling start (Time Trial syleee) and my roll was to stand poolside and make sure everybody set off when they were supposed to, then all I had to do was jump in the water, swim 600m, put on my race kit and go for a run around the local park. As it's a super serious race and there's a lot of pride at stake I had to remember to leave some for the sprint finish (below).
There's not a lot to say about the race really, the pic says it all....... Oh yeah, I came 4th and didn't even get the best fancy dress prize, but with Shell in charge that was never going to happen even if my costume had been the originally planned mankini which really would have seen me arrested.

Results are here.

Race day pictures are here.

and the days race report is here.

Browse and enjoy :-)


Mark said...

If you had any balls at all, you'd wear that at IM FL next year!


Iain said...

If I'm going to be as slow as this year I might as well wear it.

If you had any balls you'd have signed up for Florida to take me on next year ;)