Sunday, 30 November 2008

It's the end of 'Mo'vember

There hasn't been a lot going on in the life of Iain this month. Training has been almost none existant and it's now hard to believe that tomorrow will be a full month since IM Florida.
This weekend we travelled up country to see the folks and meet up for our pre-christmas meal with aunts, uncles, cousins etc etc.
I took advantage of the time up there to take the pup out for an off road run at one of my favourite haunts. Jeez it hurt.
I used to rule this place, hitting all the hills real hard and smacking anybody who dared to come training there with me. Training in Devon has made me soft though. Although the general area is much hillier the local runs are pancake flat, especially the ones I can do and let the dog run free. Sure I can still run, but show me a hill and I'm in trouble. I used to run over there for 90mins and finish by sprinting up 'Jacobs Ladder', it was the sting in the tail that any training partners used to hate and I used to love. Yesterday I hit 'Jacobs Ladder' twice and on the first attempt I had to stop and walk halfway through - disgraceful!
Anyway, back to the meal. It's a fairly big old gathering and as it's been going on for a fair few years the relatives have witnessed many a Florida haircut, so me turning up with a multi coloured barnet isn't a strange sight, but how's about me turning up with a good old Mo?
I'm a lazy toerag and quite often find myself walking around with far too much facial hair which I then get the shears on and dispose of all in one hit, the thaught of leaving some has never appeared, but it is Movember after all, so here it is. For one time only. Iain with a Mo (and a stupid face of course).

Hmmmmm, turns out that for some odd reason Shell quite likes it and now wants me to keep it for next weeks big Aquathlon, where my out of shape backside is no doubt going to get well and truly kicked by some kids. We'll see ;)

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Mark said...

I like it! Grow it thicker!