Monday, 17 November 2008


I know it's getting a bit late to STILL be going on about IM Florida, this is the last post I promise. I realised that after all my spouting on I hadn't thanked any of the people who helped me along the way and made the journey and training a bit easier. No doubt I'll still forget about (and upset) someone along the way, with the sieve like head I've got then it's bound to happen.

So in no particular order......

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Sis, David and the Sprogs for helping me along the way, nagging me to death (that's mostly Mom) and for babysitting/putting up with/spoiling rotten their Rosie while we were away.

Thanks to Rich Brady for gently pushing me in the right direction and attempting to sort my previously rediculous nutrition strategy. It needs more work, but it was a massive improvement.

Thanks to the good folks at NA Sports for making me significantly poorer when I left Florida than I was when I arrived.

Thanks to the boys and girls of North Devon Tri who came out training with me and suffered at the hands of my monsterous speed (not very often) and my forked tongue (more often).

Thanks to Maria for my weekly massges and to Sue for my haircut (yep, it's all her fault).

Thanks to the 6-7000 volunteers who were out there cheering us on all the way round the course.

Thanks to all the folks back here who sat up until far too late in the night hoping to see me complete a jubilant finish only to see some miserable bastard crossing the line and promptly disappearing. Next year I promise to carry the flag over AND smile (honest!).

Thanks to the blog folks and Buckeye folks who came over to say Hi to the idiot with green hair rather than giving him a wide berth. I'll even thank Moonpie for verbally abusing me at around 12miles into the race, how I could have done with that 4 miles later when I was walking. He'd have even been able to keep up with me then.

I suppose I should also thank Shelly for putting up with all my crap over the last 12months. Saying that though, as she's making me go back again next year she deserves all the crap that she gets. Thanks. I think.

If you've got the hump with me now because I've forgotten you then I'm sorry but as it probably means you're going to know me quite well then you should obviously expect no less than to be forgotten. Suck it up and get on with your life!!!

Now. Who's up for some training? I need to start again soon, I've an Ironman to train for.


Mark said...

Well it was great seeing you out there, though I'm bummed I was too smashed to hang out with you after you finished. I must learn to pace myself better!

Maybe next year!

By the way, sounds like a good choice to not do that marathon!

Anonymous said...

I wish to thank you for putting me through all this again but next time I think you should do more bike rides to Wolverhampton :)

Love ya

SHell, David and the Dots

IronTriTim said...

Great to see you Ian, and good luck for next year.