Friday, 7 November 2008

Nearly over :(

It's my last full day in the sun of PCB today before we head of back to the dark and cold of Deepest Devon.

There's always a good reason to hang around when this place gets quite though. Every year over the week following the Ironman a load of crazies roll into town with some sweeeeeet trick old motors.

I'm not big on what's what in the world of old American motors, but I love em. We went out for some food last night and the camera was in the car so I took some piccies of those that were around. Some of the pics are a bit duff because it was dark and Shelly thought I was a real saddo walking around carparks with my camera.

Oh yeah - 365 days from today, in EXACTLY 1 years time I'll be going through the whole Ironman Florida Experience again. Must be time to start training I guess!!

There was some big old bike rally out and about yesterday too.

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IronTriTim said...

At least you could still use a triathletes fasvourite saying.. "nice wheels"