Monday, 23 March 2009

Lazy lazy lazy days.

Damn I've been so lazy lately. Lazy with the blog, lazy with the training, just downright lazy fullstop.

After the dire performance at Grizzly I came down with a bit of the lurgie which supplied me with a good enough excuse to lay off any training. I laid low until Wednesday when guilt got the better of me and I took the pup out for a swift 4.5mile blast out to Braunton and back. I had the early part of Thursday off work so hopped on the bike and knocked out my Puffin Billy (36mile) course. Hard to believe that only 6months ago I was doing 2 or 3 of these laps as Ironman training without any problem, now it wrecks me. A few hours after the bike ride I took the pup out for another run, it was planned at 6miles but I ended up doing the extended 8mile version which was something I regreted in the last 10mins when I was just hanging. Friday I was too lazy to train so I just went to my normal squad swim session which led me nicely into the weekend. Saturday!!!! The perfect time to get some big miles in and I did......... nothing! Ok, so I mauled a load of soil and gravel around the back garden but that's not a sport is it. Sunday has now become club day. So often in the past I haven't trained with the club on a Sunday because I've been in need of bigger mileage, now I'm still in need of the mileage but I'm so lazy that not going out with the club would probably mean no training. I did an hours swim session (inc a new 400m pb of 5:04) and then a 4.5mile track session knocking out loads of 400's.

Last week started badly when I woke up on Monday morning and my knee was a mess. No idea why, I hadn't pulled it, hit it, twisted it or done anything else that I could think of. All I knew was that I was struggling to even walk on it. Again though it was a good excuse to avoid training on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday it was getting annoying, I'd bought a knee support and thought I'd try a little run on it. A mile into the run and the support had to go but then strangly everything felt right and I knocked out one of the best runs I've done for a while without any pain. The knee pain/injury also nicely coincided with a killer week at work where training would have struggled anyway so Thursday got knocked on the head and it took until Fridays Squad swim session for me to post my 2nd training session, considering that this included a load of breaststroke it was odd that yet again my knee made it through with no problems. On Saturday I went out with my training pal Phill for 72miles on the bike, again there was no knee pain but my lack of bike training really showed and I got properly caned. Sunday I ran a steady 4mile with the pup, did the Tri Club swim session and then a 4mile track session running 400's with decreasing rest intervals.

That's about it really. There's nothing even vaguely interesting to report unless you consider my spotting a big bad ass Mercedes with an equally bad ass registration plate parked at The Commadore Hotel in Instow. A quick Google search turned the number plate up with the story of how the owner paid almost £250,000 for it. Maybe I should have chased him up and asked if he fancied sponsoring a low life triathlete :-D.

Upcoming!!! It's all a bit up in the air. I'm off to get my knee properly checked out tomorrow so that will tell me lots. I was half planning to do Taunton Marathon in 2 weeks time but I guess that will depend on what news the physio gives me. There are a couple of other little races I might be able to sneak into if the Marathon is a non-starter, we'll see.

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