Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I don't go for all this nutrition gubbins which is bad news with the aim being a good Ironman. I really can't get my head around all the different types of pre/during/post race gels, drinks and bars. There's recovery stuff, isotonic stuff, stuff with carbs, stuff with protein, stuff for dehydration and all of it goes sailing right over the top of my head. I had a much improved nutrition strategy at IM Florida last year thanks to some words of wisdom from Rich Brady but it didn't lead to a much improved performance, so was I really any different to the Iain who raced on whatever was available. I still had a nightmare on the run so in reality nothing changed.

Thanks to another buddy of mine (also called Rich) I got hold of a free trial promotional link for a vitamin company that are doing sports nutrition. At the weekend I shelled out my £3.99 p&p and on Tuesday morning a box of shwag turned up on my doorstep. Is it any good? I've no idea. Will it propel me to greatness? I doubt it. There seems to be a bit of everything there though, including some vitamin and other daily tablets which I'm going to attempt to remember to take through April.

If my knee looks like it might hold up for Taunton Marathon I'll try a bottle of the drink out there along with the gel and maybe a bar or both. We'll see if they can perform miracles and make my legs think that they've trained for something. Maybe if I have a cracking race and finish well up the field I can start shouting from the rooftops about Zipvit and they'll send me lots of free stuff.............. ok, maybe not.

Anyway, just wanted to say I'd had some nutritional guff delivered, now I've posted twice in a week I'll go get back in my hole. Goodnight ;-)

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