Sunday, 5 April 2009

Blog Post ............ Take 2!

Lets try again.

I've just spent ages writing out my latest blog post which was bemoaning my lack of motivation, ambition, dedication etc but praising the somehow natural god given ability that still manages to keep me finishing far higher in race fields than I should. Then after reading through it I realised that to anybody without my very fortunate 'natural ability' then it just read like somebodies ego gone mad, which simply isn't the case. Where I was talking about how I struggle to get through the front door to train I could imagine others thinking "You're running/biking/swimming at that pace and moaining! Screw you.". So enough of that, it won't work, I'll save those chats for when I'm alone with the dog.

Now, back to normality.

March was slack - VERY SLACK!! The only saving grace is that I actually trained more than last year when I was having similar motivational problems, although I'm well down on any other year since 2004. 9 days off, almost 1 in 3 is far too many, even at this early stage it's a waste.

Swimming is the least of my worries. I've even snuck a few more sessions in than normal as for some reason I've suddenly gotten quicker. No explanation because I don't really know, but suddenly I'm very close to that 5min for 400m barrier. In real terms it's a worthless target but it's a target I've had for a long time so it's worth a little bit of effort just to be able to say I've swum 400m in 4:??.

Biking has been almost none existent (as normal). I anly managed to get in the saddle 3 times. Sure those 3 rides have totally 130miles but for the longest of those I spent the majority of time sat on someones wheel being dragged along. I'm sure that's the sort of workout I need to snap me out of it, but literally hanging on for 75miles doesn't give the encouragement to go out more often, especially when it's not what you're used to.

Running has been about normal and they actually seem to be a bit quicker than normal, I've no TT's/races to back that up though. Having the pup about to run with gives an extra reason (although she can be a pain in the ass) so that's ticking along reasonably well I guess.

So into April:-

I've made the decision to drag myself out more often and (so far) it's working. One of my other big decisions is to run shorter stuff. I think that part of my problem has been the fact that there seems little point getting changed to do less than an hour. I'm trying to drill that mentality out of my system. Although I'm Ironman training it must surely be better for me to knock out a quick 4 miles than sit on my backside bemoaning my lack of time to train. The idea is that all being well my diary will be full of 4-5mile runs and 20-25mile bike rides with longer stuff as and when I can, rather than 10-16mile runs and 60-70mile bike rides with 2-3 day gaps inbetween.

Will the little and often approach work come Ironman time? Who knows but lets face it, the all or nothing approach has never worked yet so what harm could a change do.

On the downside for April, my lazy approach also extends to my race entries. With my having been around Tri since before Moses I'm still used to the turn up and pay approach at races, hence I keep missing out because the races fill up. The latest of these is Burnham Tri. Watch this space to see if the "but I've been racing here for 10+ years......... I'm a previous winner............ etc etc etc" approach works when I (or Shelly) gets into 'creeping for an entry' mode.

On an off Tri note............... Ooooops, Rosie went chasing the mice that hide by the pond.

That'll do for now I think.

The next post will be more positive.

Does anybody actually read this crap?


Anonymous said...

Yep i read it and don't find it crap at all =OD

IronTriTim said...

I still read it. Don't have time to update my own, but interesting to read about the Devon tri scene :-)

Iain said...

Blimey, Tim's still alive :-D

I take it those wee ones are keeping you busy.
Hope all is well with you and yours over the pond.
Have you still got that wristband on?