Saturday, 11 April 2009

Blimey. Two posts in a week.

Well the fact that I'm posting so soon (for me) wither means there's loads to tell or Rosie pup has got me up far too early and I've not much else to do. As there is never really loads to tell in my life then once again it's down to Rosie. She wakes up between 5:30 & 6am, decides that if she's up then somebody else must get up, then once you're up she lies down in her basket and goes to sleep. Nice!!!!! The little ####!!!!!

So while I'm here I may aswell go through the week. Hmmmm, that won't take long from a training point of view because there hasn't been a lot.

I haven't totally fallen off the 'new' training monster idea yet, it's just that Easter and work combined have totally screwed up my training week. One of the biggest factors in the new training was that I'd hoped to sneak a few lunch break runs in but mostly this week I've just tried to grab a quicknap instead.

Monday was my normal day at work but for some reason I hadn't had the best nights sleep. I got up at 3am, bundled my way through 13hrs, then came home. After the tough 13miler on Sunday I didn't really fancy running so Shelly forced me to ride my turbo instead. One hour of beasting myself to Coach Troy later I returned from the shed with my legs hanging off. It'll be good for me I'm sure.

All the time you're finishing that long day, gone home, forced yourself to train, fed, watered and showered yourself the clock is ticking and it becomes a very short night before the alarm is going off at 2:30am ready for the next days start. Another 13+ hr day in the bag and I was simply too stuffed to train so I vegged out in front of the TV with the pup while Shelly went off to the running club instead. I'd done 6 consecutive days and 11hrs training so I could justify a rest day.

Wednesday became a disaster! I woke up at 2:30am to the sounds of my ####ing alarm clock. I felt real strange and even posted on Twitter at 3am that I felt it was going to be 'one of those days'. The plan was to go to work, do my normal run out, then when I return I'd simply pick up another load and leave again (for those that don't know I'm a dirty greasy truck driver, no IT/Teaching genius here). With this plan I'd have a night away which means there's nothing to do but run, shower, sleep before the next days work. But........ I arrived at my first drop to see this..........

In that picture there is 12 pallets of hardware gubbins (which is what I deliver) plus the obvious oversize loose bits and pieces 'strategically placed' over the top. My normal early morning sight! Today though there was a bit of a difference because it had been loaded back to front and the 3 pallets I needed for my first delivery were RIGHT AT THE FRONT!!!!!!! So from 4:30am the local High Street was being woken to the sounds of me crashing about as I totally unloaded and reloaded my lorry before I could properly get on with the days work. I won't say how long I was there but if I ran a Marathon in the same time I'd be sorely disappointed.

So Wednesday ended up being 15hrs at work (with no training) and also left me miles behind on Thursdays jobs. BUT......... I promised the pup that no matter what time I finished work on Thursday I'd take her for a run as the next day was Good Friday and I was off and could have a lie in. With the weeks work out of the way I returned home feeling wrecked. I really didn't want to run, but I'd promised the pup so off we went, a steady 4mile would do her. Once we were running though I felt a lot better and 4miles soon turned into 7.5miles. Happy Days at last.

On Good Friday Shelly's brother and his family called in on their way home from a holiday in Cornwall. The morning was spent 'attempting' to make the house look almost tidy, then we went out for lunch so any training had to wait until the evening.
In a similar vein to Thursdays run I really had no wish to go, but I grabbed the pup and off we went. A planned 4mile run soon turned into an old off road 8mile loop out to Crow Point and was highly enjoyable. Late evening sunshine, high tide and a still night. The Burrows was a beautiful place.

This morning (actually while writing this blog post) I looked out of the window and it was such a glorious day I had a cunning plan. The pup had woken me up at 6am (it's now 10pm) and looking out of the window I decided that a change of plan was called for. Rather than slog myself stupid on a long bike ride I grabbed my running gear and Shelly's camera (mine's rubbish), then with Rosie curled up on the bed next to Shell I escaped and drove to the Burrows (1.5miles). If I ran for 3-4 miles and took some piccies I'd be able to go out on the bike once I got back. But as had happened on Thursday and Friday a planned 4mile run grew a little and ended up being 10miles with around 200 pictures. The time was also increased slightly. Due to the wonders of Garmins 'autostop' function I actually ran for 1h15m, but I was actually out over the Burrows for well over 2hrs. The only thing missing was the pup, but she'd have been a nightmare with all of the walking, so although I missed her I was also glad she wasn't there.

The pics are here on this linky (beware, there's a lot of them) and the days route is behind this little clicky linky.

Enjoy :-)

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