Sunday, 6 January 2008

First Garmin glitch...........

.........(other than when it locked up after its first download).

Tonight I went for a night time run on the beach with the pup. We ran the full length of Saunton Sands, nipped over the dunes to do a loop around Crow Point and ran back. Total distance 8.8miles, total time 1h03m...... fine so far? TOTAL ELEVATION GAIN 1244ft............ on a beach?????? I guess maybe the signals get a bit screwed when you hit the beach and it things you're at the bottom of the sea ;). My Polar always used to lose altitude as I warmed up because it picked up the heat and stuff (however they work) off my wrist, but what the Garmin's playing at I've no idea. I've measured beach routes manually before using Sanoodi and they've always come out pan flat. Do I take this as a glitch or do I now have to take the altitude reading on every run I do with a pich of salt?

Enought whining anyways........ the run was a killer, it all seemed so easy on the way out and after 4 miles I'd averaged 6m30 pace. I realised why though when I turned round and I had a full on headwind most of the way back. At times I was struggling to keep 8min/mile pace, it was a real struggle to get back.
Yesterday and today have marked my return to work after the Christmas holidays :( so after a solid 15hr day I decided to have a rest day (from training) yesterday. I cracked yet another 2hr gym session on Thursday though (wearing my Christmas "In training for IM Florida Tee shirt), heck I hope they're worth it beacuse I'd rather be out 'proper' training.

For some reason the flight prices to PCB have dropped considerably in the last week which means we could well be booking up this weekend. It feels like you're gambling with the prices, why can't they just be simple and fixed rather than bouncing up and down. I'm sure it'll be a no win situation, book them and they'll fall further, don't book them and they'll rise again (grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!).

Swim and bike tomorrow morning (weather permitting) I may even be tempted to sneak a run in during the afternoon or evening, can I call that a self supported Triathlon???


IronTriTim said...

Iain, was it the device or was it the Garmin Training Centre that told you the elevation? I have not been impressed with the GTC, and have starting using SportTracks. Seems to be better maps and more acurate.
Also how are you flying to PCB? Theres a good chance we are coming home this year and may need to fly to PCB.

Iain said...

I guess the glitch is from the watch because both Motionbased and Sanoodi have both given me the same and I upload them direct.
We've no flights booked yet but it's likely to be with Delta from Manchester to PCB via Atlanta at around £500 each (gulp!!!) for 2 weeks. I've no doubt we'll be stopping in a 2 bed condo here again .
When you say "coming home" is that back to the UK or back to Devon? Baby sitters are easier to find if the family are close at hand ;-)