Monday, 21 January 2008

Brought to you by Coach Troys Spinervals....

...... more precisely by this little session as this has been this weeks session of choice (3.5 times).

Warm up 10 minutes easy
4 x 30sec 53x15 @ 30 sr (Seconds Rest = easy spin)
1 minute easy spin 42x15
Repeat both below sets 2 times
10 x 30sec 42x15 superspin (10sec 100rpm, 10sec 110rpm, 10sec 120rpm) @ 30sr
1min rest
6 x 60sec 42x21 superspin (20sec 100rpm, 20sec 110rpm, 20sec 120rpm) @ 30sr
1min rest
cooldown to the hour

It's been a big week, perhaps the doom and gloom of last weeks post was a bit presumptious of me. Here's how the week's gone (training wise of course).

Monday - 1h30m gym, 1hr run, 1hr turbo.
Tuesday - Rained off
Wednesday - 1hr turbo
Thursday - 1h30m run
Friday - 1hr swim
Saturday - 45min run, 1h30m gym
Sunday - 30min turbo, 1h40m run, 1hr turbo.
Over 12hrs total, during January. WOW!!!!!!

The question is, when I do all my geeky number crunching and comparing this years training with previous years should I actually include the gym session? They're not something I've ever done before and although they're obviously there to perfom a role (general strength and core stability stuff) the fact that I don't finish my session gasping for breath makes it seem a bit of a cop out. There's nothing even slightly working my aerobic capacity once the warm up is over. I'm also slightly concerned that maybe I'm doing to much to early and am risking injury or burn out, but my work is going to be changing around April time and that could well throw a spanner in the works of a good section of my weekly training so I guess I may as well get some time in the bag while I can.

I need to get my turbo bike into my LBS for a once over, the gears have started playing up today, hence the 30min session this morning when I lost the plot because I couldn't get my shifters to move. Popped in there yesterday to sort some bikes out that my Tri Club own and one of the shop staff had just had his new bike in............ a FELT DA (google it Sis). Damn it was nice, I'm stuffed if it's going to be coming past me at any time this year though, my old beat up TREK is still going to smash him (I hope).

That's it for now. Nothing exciting to report I'm afraid, it's a dull old life down here in Devon. I've got a 10mile road race next weekend though so that'll give me something to spout on about.



Shell said...

I did google it but I can;t see the attraction, it's a bike!!!
I would also include your gym sessions in your totals, trainings training.
Only one gripe with you.....
How can you put tuesdays session was rained off.
I got bloody soaked yesterday!!!!!

IronTriTim said...

You may not be stressing your aerobic capability, but the core and strength work is an important part. Having done core work for the first time I can certainly say it works my muscles in way I have never experienced before.Dull old life in Devon? Surely relaxed is a better word?