Monday, 14 January 2008

Slacking already.

It's been over a week (damn I'm slacking already). I've added a little bit at the side to keep a track of my training totals after I discovered that last year I was 60hrs down on both 2005 and 2006's bike totals and I've already started skipping the bike sessions a week after starting them.
The big news of the week is that we've booked our flights for IMFl. For some reason Shell checked on the internet last weekend and the flights had dropped in price by almost £200 each, so we booked them. Things got better when we checked the credit card a couple of days later and found that the booking company had only taken £7!!!! Unfortunatly they've since realised that they'd dropped a ricket and taken the full amount. So flights are booked, accomodation is pretty much sorted as we'll be staying at the same complex we've stayed at before which is great, just the car to sort then and a little matter of training of course.
So last Sundays swim/bike combo got scrapped in favour of a 3hr bike which was good but left me feeling the after effects on Monday when I ended up scrapping my 2hr gym session after an hour because I simply had no strength at all. Wednesdays session also got scrapped but I managed to fit in two decent runs on Tuesday and Thursday (1h35m & 1h40m). Friday I'd turbo sessions and runs lined up in my head but just swam instead (slacker!!!) and the weekend was even worse. I headed to the gym on Saturday morning for 1h45m, but that was it for the day and Sunday was just a vegative day. Today I really REALLY must train!!!!!! I need to get some sessions in the bag.
291 days to go, the clock's ticking!!!!!


IronTriTim said...

Some decent runs, in fact all round some decent training sessions. As you say 291 days to go. Keep up the good work.

Shell said...