Friday, 8 February 2008

End of the week.

It's been a poor week off work really. Far to much sitting around infront of the TV and computer thinking about jobs and training I could be doing rather than actually doing stuff. It almost feels as though I train better when the pressure is on to squeeze some training in between work, food and sleep. I'd imagined 20-25hrs for this week with most of that being much needed bike miles. I'll be lucky to hit 15hrs now and as yet I've had a paltry 30mins spinning on the turbo to my name. I've done a couple of tough run sesions in the last 3 days which will no doubt help me in the long term but my legs are feeling shot at the moment and I've got a killer Half Marathon (1800ft of climbing) to do on Sunday. Presuming my legs are in one piece I'll be aiming to break the 1h30m barrier which I've failed to do on my last two attempts. Anywhere else 1h30m would be a disaster, here it'll be cause for celebration.
I've actually got round to properly entering some multi discipline races this week, so many are marked off on my calander without me having actually entered them. Now I've officially got a couple of 1k/10k Aquathlons in Feb and Apr, a Middle Distance Tri in May and a Sprint Tri in June. That'll do for starters although there will no doubt be plenty more as the season progresses.
Today there will be a gym and swim session which will help my paltry training totals, there may even be a short run or a turbo session thrown in alongside them (don't hold your breath though).
Soon I'll be back at work and cursing my slack holiday training habits. Plenty of time to go though.

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