Tuesday, 5 February 2008

No work - hooray!!!

I'm off work this week so should be able to update this guff a little more often. Pity I'm not doing the training to justify any updates so February isn't having the flying start I expected.
On Friday I did my normal squad swim session but my regular swim partner wasn't there so as I was the quickest in the pool I grabbed a tee shirt from my bag and did most of the session with some extra drag.
Saturday morning I hit the gym for 90mins but then failed to do anything else for the rest of the day (bad lad!).
Monday I pottered around the house moving stuff from one place to the next in an 'attempt' to clean up a bit, then feeling guilty because my clean up had lasted most of the day I had a rare venture out to a Monday night squad swim session. Always the easy option because it's less like hard work.
Today I've sent my entries off for a bunch of races, 2 x 1k/10k Aquathlons, 1 x Sprint Tri and 1 x Middle (Half IM) distance race. The Middle Distance will be an experiment in pacing and nutrition. Hopefully I'll manage to run the run without any cramps or walking breaks. The aim will be to get out of the sea without freezing my bits off, then bike round below 135bpm 'trying' to feed myself properly(ish) and then to take some scalps by knocking out a good solid half marathon. The other 3 races will be trained around/through and will be purely for fun, although I'll still be smashing myself once they're under way.
Tonight I'm off for an all to rare session with my running club. Normally I work away on Tuesday nights and only see them at running races. It'll be good to catch up and have some banter.
I've finally had the results of my VO2 test I had back in December (figures here). I can't admit to knowing what they mean other than telling me I've no cycling strength. I'm lined up to do some more testing in the near future followed by some sessions where I'll be a guinea pig cycling in a heat chamber. It'll be just like riding the course at IM Florida, hot, humid and quite monotanous. It should suit me down to the ground.
I think that's it for now, sorry there's not more to report.


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