Saturday, 16 February 2008

Pre Bfitday Tri

It's been and odd week, I've been mostly feeling trashed after last weekends race, I've had 2 days off from training, but I'm still likely to break through the 10hr barrier for the week.
On Monday I was totally smashed and my legs felt like concrete blocks so I just sat around like a vegetable all day. Tuesday was a little better and I managed 1h20m of running with one of my running clubs doing some Yasso 800's along the way.
Wednesday was another lazy one where I couldn't be bothered/thought better of training, but on Thursdat I was back with a 1h20m run. Then along came Friday...........
Fridays squad swim session was a beast! We quite often do Timetrial swims of reducing distances but on Friday we had our normal 800m warm up follwed by a pyramid of TT's. 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 400m, 200m, 100m. Never the sprinter but with plenty of endurance I got beaten on the 100m & 200m but by the 400m I was cruising along and after the 800 I was 50m clear of anybody else in the pool. Then the 400m was polished off before I gave a couple of the lads a taste of glory when they found their speed again for the last 2 efforts. A nice solid 3k swim and a very happy Iain.
Today for only the 4th time this year I headed out for a bike ride. 4 miles to the Gym where I did a 1h20m session and then I took the scenic 24mile route home. It wasn't nice, it wasn't flashy and it certainly wasn't fast, but it was a bike ride and damn I need some of them.
Sooooo, 6h50m for a week with 2 rest days and my Tri buddy Phills 34th Birthday Triathlon tomorrow likely to take up to 4hrs I'm on for another decent week where it's actually seemed a bit slack. Here's hoping that when I need to start cranking up the hours they come along as easy.
Birthday Tri report next, watch this space.

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