Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Back to work and losing my mind :(

Ah Hell it's a strange old time in this little tiny backwater of the world. Nothing seems to be going as planned or expected, including some of the random decisions that I've been making.
THE BIKE - Is still creaking, groaning and driving me mad. I rode Thursday (55miles) and Friday (43miles) on my TREK in glorious silence, sort of. The TREK has got its own little noises but I discovered that because I know exactly what they are and where they're coming from they don't annoy me half as much. On Friday afternoon I collected the QR from the LBS who's made several tweaks and adjustments to the bike in a bit to quieten it down, but when I rode it on Sunday it was just as noisy as ever and then suddenly the noises stopped........... for 10mins. So now I've got this noise, rattle, creak or whatever it is. Not only does it have the secret ability to totally annoy me (many people would pay good money to have that secret) but it seems totally unrelated to anything else. It sounds for all the world as though it's coming from the drivetrain but if so, why would it suddenly go quiet? I think I may take it for a ride later and strap a voice recorder to the frame so that my LBS can hear it at its worst.
SATURDAY - was a real random day. I'd planned to get up early and train, but I couldn't be bothered so I took David (my nephew) swimming on his last day down here. Between us we both put in a good solid session mine being 200m w-up, 30x100m on 1:45, 100m w-dn. After that we had cheesy chips and headed home. The rest of the day just disappeared into a bundle of blurr until the evening when everything got a bit random. Maybe I drank too much wine?
I've been looking at new bike stuff for Florida. Loads of my gear is 4-5+ years old and getting a bit ragged around the edges. My cycle shoes are 5 yeears old and give me foot pain when I get around 80miles (they have in both previous IMFl's) which I've decided is because they're actually too small for me and when my feet get hot they swell and cause pressure points. My cycle helmets are also well past their prime and around 5 years old. I've been having the aero/non-aero debate for ages but the common concensus is that aero helmets make you look like a dick, they're less cooling and my massive head means that there are very few I can actually get to fit, so a standard race style helmet is the way to go.
Soooooo all that being said I went and ordered an aero helmet on Saturday night!!! This purchase was combined with a pair of cycle shoes which I've no experience of or even tried on, a bottle belt and a new pair of much needed tyres for my ZIPPs (they're 4years old too). So I've ordered a helmet which will make me look like a cone-head and ordered a pair of shoes that 'I hope' will fit and be comfortable. Crazy, Mad, Stupid, Foolish or all of them?
The purchases were followed by an even more stupid sale.
In a moment of complete madness I put my old TVR up for sale online after 12 years of ownership. My email has gone mad, it was obviously too cheap and it looks as though it'll be gone by the weekend. Damn I'm going to miss the old girl.

I'm obviously losing my marbles. Aero helmets, untried shoes, car sales!!! Maybe a week of that rattling QR has really scrambled my brain!


Simeon of Kent said...

Nice motor. Have you seen the cycle shoes that you heat-mold to your foot?

Anonymous said...

Lots of the word 'random' in this entry. Is this something you picked up off David?

Still can't believe the TVR has gone and been replaced with an aero!!!