Saturday, 6 September 2008

Quick weekend update.

Well, just for a change the weather here resembles that of a rain forest more than a UK summer and in all honesty the chances of me getting my head together and riding 80miles from Bristol to Wolves are slim. I saw a couple of folks out cycling while I was working yesterday and I couldn't help but wonder what the hell they were doing out there. It can't be safe when most of the time there is so much water in the gutters that the roads are all a couple off feet narrower than they should be. I think at best I might get an hour in once we're in Wolves or at the outside I might steal the Sis's turbo for an hours spin late this afternoon.
Now I just need to decide whether this is going to affect my Marathon pace tomorrow. Do I go ahead with plan A and jog round below 140bpm, do I go with plan B and start between 130 -140bpm and then allow my HR a bit of flexibility as the race progress's and the pace slows, or do I think 'screw it' and try for a sub 3 (probably blowing up again in the process).

Arrrrgh decisions, decisions. The scary thing is that once again I've decided to take a recorder with me and I've already offered the files out. Looks like another warts and all Marathon attempt.

In 24hrs time I'll know.

Laters all


IronTriTim said...

Heard you'd been having some crazy weather! Guess you could always get some extra swimming in all the water. Thanks for the offer on the tri unfortunately I will be not be down in Devon until the 19th. Would have loved to have done a tri up at WB. (Used to go to school there).

Iain said...

I'm sure you'll be rushed off your feet catching up with folks, but just in case :-)

The 19th is a Friday.... Squad swimming at Northam Pool - 8pm.
Sunday 21st - The Doone Run at The Valley of the Rocks, Lynmouth. 9miles of 'lumpy' coastal path/

I'm planning to bike over there from Barny, do the race and bike home. Interested?

If you're looking for some training any other time just let me know. Iain(at)Northdevontri(dot)com

Mark said...

Don't mind the bollocks!