Saturday, 13 September 2008

Big week.

It doesn't seem long ago that I was writing down "100 days to go!", it's less than half that now, we're down to 48 (gulp).
This week is going to be a bit manic. Mom, Dad and David are down for the week and I'm off work looking to smack some big training hours in a desperate attempt to get fit enough to do Florida justice.
I had a couple of days off on Wednesday and Thursday to recover from the Marathon and subsequent runs, I was back to it on Friday though.
Straight from work I popped home to collect Rosie then disappeared over the Burrows with her for a 10mile run. That was followed by a squad swim session where I tried to get back some form by concentrating on stretching myself out on the glide section of my stroke. In the session was a 800m TT which I did in 11mins flat, not my fastest time but I cruised the first 400m concentrating on technique and negative split the swim by around 5secs.
Today was the start proper of BIG training as I hit a good solid brick session. First up was a 65mile bike ride which was followed by a 5k run with the pup. It was my first time in the saddle for 2 weeks but it felt like I'd been away for 2 months and the average speed of only 18.6mph was no suprise but still disappointing.
Straight off the bike and still in my cycle gear I grabbed the pup and headed out for a short sharp 5k run which I kicked out in 19:30. Happy with the pace, but I couldn't have run a lot further like it.

That'll do for a start, I've a Triathlon tomorrow followed by a bike ride. Should be quite interesting :-)

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Mark said...

Look forward to reading your race report. I had a sprint today that I smashed, despite drinking almost a 6 pack a day for the last 3 weeks.