Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Big week update.

Well this is how things have gone and the hours have notched up since I finished work on Friday afternoon.

Friday - 1h15m Burrows/Beach run (10miles), 1hr squad swim
Saturday - 3h30m bike (65miles), 20min run (5k)
Sunday - NDTC In-Club Triathlon (I kicked ass), 1hr bike (20miles). Party time.
Monday - 3hr bike (56miles)
Tuesday - 4hr bike (73miles), 1hr run (9miles)
Wednesday - 2h10m bike (38miles), 1hr massage.

Today has been the only real disappointment as there was a 6hr bike planned but my bike has developed some rediculous creaky groany type noises and riding it this morning was driving me mad so it went back into the bike shop in the hope that they can find the problem area and sort it. As you'd expect after over 12hrs cycling in the last 5 days my legs are feeling a little the worse for wear and there were no thoughts about just swopping bikes and hitting the road again, just the thought of an afternoons rest. It's back to it tomorrow though with a 3hr bike and a 45min run lined up.

The big dilemma now regarding the run up to IM Florida is my hair!

In 2004 I decided to have a silly haircut for the race, it looked like this....

In 2005 I returned with it looking like this....

So the dilemma is what to have this year.

I'd like to have a resemblance of the Devon Flag which is mostly Green and White, but as I'll have to get it done almost 10 days before the race it has to be done with permanent dye and Green is a colour we're struggling to find. I've only really got a month to sort something out and it's a source of real head scatching.

It's got to be done now, it's tradition. What will it be though? Any ideas?

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