Saturday, 5 July 2008

I love my body!!!!!!!!!

Well the title's a bit brave and needs an explanation but it's very true.

I'm afraid that I'll never have the sort of body that sends the girlies a quiver, you'll never see the likes of me gracing any macho health magazine and when the sun comes out I turn into a radish. So why is my body so great? Well here's a bit of history.

I've been doing this sport for longer than I care to remember, somewhere around 15years I think. I can't remember what year I started, I can't remember my first race, I can't remember my first prize. I'm a bit slack like that. Before I found Tri I'd had a few years of casual running, nothing special, I wasn't quick.

So what's this got to do with my body being so great? Well, in my 15 or so years of Triathlon I've consistantly done everything wrong. I don't warm up, I don't warm down, I NEVER stretch and yet I've never had an injury!!!!!

Sure I've had niggles and I had to have 3months out once when I wrecked my back digging a pond in my back garden but I've never had a 'proper' sporting injury........ ever!!!

Then came Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!

A 40mile bike ride to a race followed by a 500m sea swim/10mile bike/5k run triathlon. I cramped terribly in my quads on the run yet they've given me no problems since. I had a tiny twinge in my hamstring at T1 and it causes trauma! Ok for the rest of Sunday I woke up on Monday unable to straighten my leg and in agony. Tuesday was the same and I was hobbling all over the place at work. Wednesday was hardly any better either. Long spells sitting on my backside driving means a torture session when I try to prise myself out of my seat.


I wake up Thursday morning and it's gone!!!! Simple as that! No pain, no stiffness, nothing. Amazing.

Sure there's something there. I can feel something that seems to be just hanging around watching to make sure that I don't try any stupid track sprint sesions for a while, but basically the problem has simply disappeared. It felt serious too, I was very close to calling a physio, it felt as though it was set in for the long term and I'd finally picked up the big injury that was going to scupper my Ironman plans.

Tonight though I ran 7miles off road at 7min/mile pace quite comfortably. I followed that up with a squad swim which included efforts in all 4 stroke. If anything is likely to play up my hamstring it'll be breaststroke kick, but no. So far so good.

Well, that's about it realy for now.

Enjoy the training .


PS - I've found my dream bike (P3C) at a rediculous price............ To good to be true?? Am I brave enough to go take a look.


Anonymous said...

Your just a lucky sod.

IronTriTim said...

Bionic Man? 50 million dollar man... or just maybe its that great Devon fresh air (oh and the clotted cream.. mmmmmmm miss those!