Sunday, 20 July 2008

Self supported IM(ish) training

Loaded up and ready to roll
Ok so it wasn't exactly an Ironman but in the big scheme of things it may be just the shining light that I'm after.
After a lacklustre week where I actually had Wednesday and Thursday off training I really smacked it in (for me) at the end of the week.

65miles and feeling fine
On Friday I took Rosie out for a solid 7mile run at Braunton Burrows/Saunton Beach. It's tough going over there at times and it's rare that I crack 7min/mile pace but I just managed to sneak in below the target at the end. The run was followed by a Squad swim session. No blistering times here, the pool just felt slow for some reason and everybody was off their normal pace.

On Saturday I headed out with training pal Phill for a steady 20mile ride (with today in mind) and then as part of the IM training weekend I hit the pool for a 4000m TT which took just shy of 1hr which equates to a steady 57min IM swim, that'll do.

approaching the turnaround on lap 3
Today was the big session though. At 7am a couple of my clubmates (Scott and Tim) appeared at my door and we rode into town to meet Phill, then the three of us set out on the first of my four IM training loops. As Florida is like a pancake I've picked the flatest route we have around here but it's still got well over 2000ft of climbing in it. For me the good news was that these lads are no slackers and my HR was hardly troubled, many times it was below 100bpm. One by one my companions peeled off and headed home to fulfil their family duties. Tim went after 35miles, Scott went 10miles later. The joy of multi loop training is that you don't scare off potential training partners who just don't want or need massive mileage. Phill was hanging about for a full 2 laps (58miles) and just before he left we were joined by Richard who was on limited time and he rode with me until 65miles. From then I was due to be on my own but then suddenly from nowhere and with perfect timing Shell appeared in the car and proceeded to do a lap driving between laybys and stopping to take pics as I rode past.
'only' 20miles to go
The strict planning of my nutrition was actually a bit hit and miss because when you're riding along chatting with friends you forget about the clock, I think that most of the planned intake happened though.
The 4th and final lap was shorter than the others and was a welcome respite as I was soon turning for home. Unfortunatly the last 4 miles were the worst when it came to the rather blustery day and there were times when the full on headwind made it real hard work.
support crew/photographer/WAG - Shelly
Finally home with my bike computer saying 112.3miles in 6hrs 04mins I was happy. I'd planned for a 6hr bike and I'd managed it without any stress's, I'd done it wihtout tapering, I'd done it on a tougher course than Florida, I'd done it without even looking at my Tri-bars (except for one photo shot) and my HR had only averaged 107bpm. There are plenty of positives to take and plenty of improvements to implement in the next 3 months.
4 miles into the run with Rosie for company
After a longer than normal transition where I raided the toilet, got changed, ate one of Shells wraps and checked on IM Lake Placid I headed out onto the 3 lap run course. The early pace seemed far to fast but I remembered that I'd got a real tailwind and it would all change on the return trip. The plan was to run for 20mins then have a walk break while I ate a gel and drank some water, it all worked perfectly and lap 1 (8.7miles) was completed in 1h08m. Lap 2 went just as well and when I finished it in 1h09m I decided that I'd had enough for one day. I didn't need to prove myself by running 26miles and I didn't want to ruin such a good day by hitting the wall and having to walk the last 2-3 miles. Good times.
all over and time for a chat
So that's the tale of my (almost) IM training day.

so hungry I could eat a dogs toy
On Saturday there is the biggest race of the year (The Dorney Lake Relays) where I'm teaming up with a coule of clubmates to take on the world (and some others from our club).
Until next time.


mom said...

nice to see something goes as planned, keep up the training, you can do it

IronTriTim said...

tough day, but a great workout. Looks like the weather was perfect.

Mark said...

What a solid training day....bloody wanker!