Wednesday, 9 July 2008

This is SUPPOSED to be summer!!

What the hell's going on with the weather? When the hell did the UK turn into the Amazon Rain Forest. It's just rain, rain, rain and more rain. Damn it's annoying. I want to go out and train - honest, but it's just so easy to give it up when all you can see when you open the door is a flaming monsoon coming down. I'm supposed to cycle tonight, I won't (!!!) and I won't replace it with a turbo because I'm just to lazy (and tired). I really do need to sort that attitude out but it's hard when you're never manage a regular sleep pattern and feel constantly drained.

There's talk ongoing that I may well be getting a coach to kick my backside over the next 4 months in the lead up to Florida. More will follow when I know exactly what's happening but it will be a less structured approach than most folks have with their coaches. My situation is more in need of someone who can help me put together what I've got without me blowing my bolt rather than someone who'll guide me every step of the way. I can swim, bike and run well enough but my pb is a good 90mins slower than it should be, that's where and why I need sorting out.

The last week of training has been very patchy. I gave my miracle leg a good testing run over Braunton Burrows with Rosie on Friday and followed it up with a good multi-stroke Squad swim session. The plan for the weekend was to get in (at some point) a 4hr bike and a 2hr run but Saturday was just a total washout and I hardly moved from the house all day. I managed to find a 4h30m gap in the weekends downpours to get my bike ride in which was a bonus, especially as it threw it down about 10mins after I returned home.

On Monday I finished work feeling trashed and just wanting to sleep, I'd recieved an email off my possible/future coach/glutton for punishment and it gave me a bit of a boost. I headed out of the house with Rosie for a small 3 mile run and came back 7 miles later. Last night was very similar to Monday but I finally dragged myself out of the house and down to my running club where I proceeded to run a real solid 8 miles with plenty of working on the hills. Probably the most complete run I've done for a long time.

Tonight nothing will drag me out though which isn't good because I'm working away tomorrow (starting at 3am) and although I'll have some training gear with me I know that on those 15hr working days I really struggle to get anything done.

This weekend though, business picks up - I promise!!!
Challenge Roth is on this weekend and my old buddy Kit (Firestarter) is gunning for a sub 9hr finish. He's flying this year, he's even beaten me (amazing :-) ) and recently set a new Age Group course record for the IMUK 70.3 race at Wimbleball which is a real tough course. Go get em Fat Boy. Make sure you set a time that I'm going to have to work hard to beat in Florida.
One of my clubmates has made a youtube video of the recent race we did at Bude, Cornwall. Don't ask who the fool is who loses his place in T2. After 15 years in Tri you'd think I'd have learnt by now.

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IronTriTim said...

Sounds like the training is coming along nicely. Wish I could say the same. Don't think I will be setting any age group records. Just make sure you keep the beers cold when I come in 4 hours after you.
Heard IM70.3 UK is a tough one. Had a friend do it this year.. who puts a 1/2 mary cross country run at the end!