Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A Target is always good.

After my pal Kit's awesome race at Roth on Sunday (9:01:22) in which he finished 48th overall in some dreadful weather conditions I thought it would be good to set myself a tough target, so here it is.

KAVERMANN PETER 1:05:04 (6:35) 5:00:10 (2:08) 3:20:27 = 9:34:22

I know it doesn't mean anything as no two years are the same but this is the time of the last qualifying slot in my age group at IM Florida last year. Congratulations Peter Kavermann.

It doesn't hurt to have a high target though.

That's a solid race he's done there. I'd have the advantage on the swim but be a few mins behind by the time we hit T2. Running a 3:20 marathon is very good, but if I'm to get to target number one I'm going to have to be quicker.
Possible? Yes
Probable? You'd get good odds at a Bookies.

On the 1st November we'll find out.

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IronTriTim said...

An awesome target. Good luck