Saturday, 18 October 2008

Calling number 811

That'll be me in 2 weeks time when at this exact time I'll hopefully be all done and dusted, finishers medal in hand and cheering on the other finishers at Ironman Florida.
The first week of tapering has been a nightmare really but hopefully as it's only 3 weeks out my body won't notice too much that I actually only did one training run (which was awful) in the 5 days from Sunday to Thursday. That was followed by a solid 7mile run, a 4k TT swim and a steady 6mile run on Friday and a very comfortable 40mile bike ride today.

With only one week of work left I'm feeling totally chilled about the race. The fact that I know I've done nowhere near enough training to really race to my potential has taken a lot of pressure off and life is just continuing like normal. Far from living the life that most people lead pre-Ironman I'm just as normal. If I want a drink I'll have a drink (there's a glass of wine in front of me as I type), if I want to eat junk I'll eat junk. There has been chocolate, take aways, biscuits, crisps etc etc etc and in truth it's not going to stop.

If you look at it logically then there's nothing to worry about when Ironman time comes around, it's just a long hard training day. In truth there are only a few hardened athletes at the front who are 'racing', if anybody else races it's just going to lead to a shortened race and a trip to the med tent.
Much scarier than any Ironman race is when you go rooting about and find pictures of yourself racing 6 years ago.
It makes you realise how much you've 'filled out' in your old age. Ok so I'm actually quicker now than I was then, but that was because I couldn't ride a bike to save my life, but jeez could I run. Gone are the days when that skinny little frame goes blasting around a triathlon run course at sub 6min/mile pace, luckily I get onto that run course a lot quicker than I used to. Now if I could combine the run of then with the bike of now I'd be a half decent triathlete (only half decent mind).
Two weeks to go. If I have time there will be a quick update on Wednesday evening when the Florida haircut will be revealed. Be afraid, be very afraid ;-)


Anonymous said...

OMG....if you think you are a porkier I better watch out!!!!!

ihave every faith in you. Go and nail the old IM Florida. It is third time lucky remember

IronTriTim said...

Hi 811, this is 316 :-)

Just make sure you have a beer in hand when I finally cross the finish line.
We are getting into PCB morning of the 30th (cutting it fine I know)!

See you then.