Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Suddenly there's panic

Gone it seems are the day when you rock up at the airport with your bike box and put it in the oversize baggage section without a problem. This was the situation when I flew over to PCB in '04 and '05. So long as it didn't weigh over 35kg all was fine.

Things have changed though!!!!!!!!!!

Knowing that we checked the Delta Airlines website for the new weight limits once my bike box was packed. No baggage over 23kg it said. That's fine, leave my wetsuit out and a few tee-shirts, I'm well under the weight limit.


Add up the length, width and height of your bags. Anything below 62inches is fine, between 63 - 80inches is subject to a freaking $150 fee. ANYTHING OVER 80INCHES IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! Holy Crap - My bike box measures 88inches (90 if you look at their website).

Plans B, C & D are all being kicked into action. Plans E, F & G are whizzing around my head and if I get to Plan H I'm in deep in the poo.

Fingers crossed that there is a sensible solution forthcoming SOON!!!

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