Wednesday, 1 October 2008

One little tiny month

Today is the 1st of October and one month from now it will be race day!!! Holy Cow where has the time gone? It only seems like yesterday that I was frantically emailing NAS trying to get an International Entry because the race had filled quicker up than I could type. Now I'm getting to the point where I start thinking "Why haven't I trained harder?", "Why have I allowed myself to be so lazy and have so many days off?", "Is that just a tired muscle or an inury appearing?", "Can I finally justify myself by doing a decent Ironman?" along with all the other questions that pop into your head as the race draws closer.

I the coming month however there is still the possibility I might get a couple of races in. This Saturday is the Bude Quadrathlon (Swim/Bike/Kayak/Run) which I did last year. Nobody there is going to have to suffer the sight of me in a kayak again but depending on how things pan out I may well head down there to have a play as part of a relay either doing 2 or all of the other 3 disciplines.

The following Sunday is the Wadebridge Sprint Tri, the last local event of the year. It's one of those races that you always hate when you're there because there is so much hanging around, but it's the last chance saloon if you want to pit your wits against the locals and your clubmates. I've a plan this year 'if' I go, I'll take 2 bikes so that while one bike is stuck in T1 while I'm waiting 3hrs for my start time to come along I can go out on the other one and get some training in. We'll see!!! The biggest downer for this race is that it's the day after Hawaii and last year I only had around 3hrs sleep because I'd been watching the live feed all night/morning.

Well it looks as though Summer has finally left us. We've had out 2 weeks of decent weather and now we're back to howling gales and driving rain. Ah shucks :(
The Countdown in ON!!!

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Anonymous said...

I crapped myself for you when I turned the calender to October and saw in red......
26th October......6am Florida Flight.