Wednesday, 29 October 2008

IM has opened.

Well if the short training is anything to go by then things are looking good. Yesterday I went out for an 11mile cruise on the bike then jumped off, pulled on my trainers and went for a 3mile run in my cycle gear. I didn't really look at my Garmin until I finished but it turned out I ran the 3 miles averageing 6:22 min/mile pace. Now I know I'm going to be nowhere near that on Saturday but with how easy the pace felt it makes you feel good to realise that on race day I can run 90secs a mile slower and still be well on target.
Today I popped down to the beach to join the hoards for a swim. There was a 2XU stand there and after chatting with the staff there for a while about how I strangly swim slower in a wetsuit than without one I tried out their Elite suit. I've been swimming long enough to know that sometimes you just get in the water and feel great and other days you get in the water and feel rotten, today was either a great day or the wetsuit really seemed to work because I felt as if I was flying. There's no real way of knowing of course because nobody was there with a stopwatch but one thing is for certain, there was nobody in the gulf that was anywhere near my speed this morning and that felt goooooood!!!
Off to register now and spend my dollars in the Ironman Village. The race is easy, it's avoiding the spending that's hard.

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IronTriTim said...

Nice one. We are in 1201A. Are you going to the welcome dinner?